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Tarifinfo #3 (26th October 2023) – First round of negotiations

TVStud will be a topic of the second round of negotiations, employers hide behind a minority of votes against

Dear comrades, dear fellow workers,

The first day of negotiations is over and we can report positive news: TVStud will definitely be a topic at the second round of negotiations on 2 November in Potsdam!

At the same time, the first talks have shown that, as expected, the TdL (Tarifgemeinschaft der Länder – employer’s association of the federal states) will not be granting us any gifts and that we can only push through our demands for collective bargaining and better working conditions through pressure and countervailing power. The finance ministers point to the few dissenting voices in their ranks who reject collective bargaining for us assistants and tutors. Citing that universities and science ministries are against the idea, they are unwilling to speak out in favour of a collective agreement. In doing so, they are ignoring the clear political majority in favour of collective bargaining or an improvement in working conditions: The score is 10 to 5 and Berlin has already had a TVStud since 1980!

We will not tolerate this game of hide-and-seek and hold them accountable for keeping their promises. On 2 November, the start of the second round of negotiations, we will be there to remind them!

Now is the time to organise and stand united against the TdL. We know best about our poor working conditions and why we need a collective agreement, as our study has amply demonstrated. Now we enter the critical stage. If the TdL won’t move, then we will – if needed, with strike action. Collective agreement now!