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TVSTUD – Collective agreement now!

Who we are

The nationwide TVStud campaign is stronger than ever. While a collective agreement for student employees has been won in Berlin already in 1980, over the past two years a broad movement has been building all over Germany. In more than forty cities student workers are getting organised and prepare for the bargaining round of the Länder.

What we want

In 2023, we want to join forces to push through a nationwide collective agreement which, among other things, means significantly better pay, minimum contract periods, holiday entitlements and thus better living and working conditions for us student/academic assistants and tutors (in short: student employees).

How you can get involved

Nothing is given us for free, and in order to win, we have to be many! Organising starts with you, every one of us can make a contribution, whether you are an employee or a supporter for the cause! You can start by making connections in your department, join your local TVStud initiative and become part of the national strike movement.