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Tarifinfo #2 (24th October 2023)

Dear colleagues,

Now it’s getting serious. Negotiations on the collective bargaining of student employees start on Thursday. The second round of negotiations will take place on 2/3 November and the third and final round on 7/8 November. Especially in the period between the second and third negotiation dates, it can be assumed that strikes may occur.

Fittingly, our nationwide #Hochschulaktionstag (20 November) will also take place during this phase ( If you want to go on strike on this day in addition to high-profile actions (assuming that there is no result in the second round of negotiations), then you need to approach your union fulltimers now and discuss this with them. In the end, you will need a call from ver.di and/or GEW to strike on this day if you want to take strike action together with many fellow workers in other cities.

In many cities, phone campaigns will take place over the next few weeks in which all trade union members, all participants in the “1-to-1 talks” from the last few weeks and all student workers who took part in the digital survey will be contacted in order to get them involved in the hot phase and especially November 20th. In addition, however, talking to people face-to-face is still crucially needed. There are two tools for this, which are available to you via the cloud.