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Negotiations start on 26 October: TVStud will be part of the collective bargaining round of the federal states!

The Collective Bargaining Committee for Public Services is raising our demand for the collective bargaining of student employees as a topic of negotiation in the collective bargaining round of the federal states! From 26 October, we will be fighting side by side with the employees from the public services of the federal states (TV-L) throughout Germany for higher wages and our collective agreement.

If the TdL (employers’ association of the federal states) does not move, we will have to!

It is clear that we will not impress the employers with good arguments. Now it is important to show how many of us are behind the demands for a TVStud with rising wages with duration of employment (experience levels), but at least €16.50 and minimum contract terms of 24 months. Already, 70 per cent of the colleagues surveyed would be prepared to go on strike for these demands. And in the end, negotiations can only be as good as the pressure from the streets! Let’s get going!

Do you also want us to win?
  • Then talk to your fellow workers about the demands and ask them what they are prepared to do to realise THEIR interests!
  • Get organised in your local TVStud initiative and get involved in local action planning! Planning is already underway for the university action day.
  • Become a union member now and go on strike when our unions call on us to do so!

In this round of collective bargaining, we will get what we deserve: it’s now or never!